ransmission and verification is based on the distributed system structure and does not rely on the central management organization. All nodes have equal rights and obligations.

Transaction transparency

The operation of the database and the whole system is open and transparent, and the blockchain technology uses asymmetric cryptography to deceive each other, and can trade without trust, thus restoring the authenticity of the database.

Collective maintenance

The block is maintained by all nodes together, and the stop of any node will not affect the overall work of the system. In the entire Internet financial system, both the supplier of funds and the borrower of funds can play the role of protector, and jointly maintain the reliability and security of the whole blockchain information.

Reliable database

Each node in the system has the latest complete database copy. Unless more than half of the computing power in the system is controlled, it is invalid to modify the database of a single node.


GoodCandy Foundation是设立在新加坡的非盈利公众公司.

Its purpose is to provide value support for all consensus goodcoin and globalcoin ecosystems. After users get candy, they can speed up the issuance of digital assets by goodcoin and globalcoin smart contracts, so as to accelerate the entry of digital assets into the circulation market. The total amount of goodcandy issue is unlimited, which is issued by the foundation through a series of activities according to the number of users, market value and circulation of investment accounting and consumption accounting consensus


Support Plan

Support Plan

After applying for a certain number of candy, any project party will directly send the Gandy virtual currency applied for to their specific users. After these people have the digital currency, they will invite more participants to participate, and then make the virtual currency circulate in a specific range, so that it has a certain value.


Fuel acceleration

Fuel acceleration

Besides the general function of erc20 token, Gandy can also be customized as acceleration token, which is equivalent to fuel, and can be used in their own projects to accelerate the implementation speed of projects.